Donate “Stuff”

As we continue to rebuild the camp so we need all sorts of “stuff.”

Items do not need to be new, just in good, clean, useable condition.

Camp Items

Garden Shed

Zero Turn lawn mower

Pull Behind Lawn Cart

Decking boards, dock floats, tin

Central Air unit

Gently used loveseat with hide-a-bed

Saddles, Bridles, and Grooming Supplies

Hay for horses

Buckets for Horses & Automatic Waterers for Horse Troughs

Side-by-Side, ATV, and Golf Cart with Carrying Capacity

2-Wheel Cart

Hand yard roller

Grass Seed

Trail Cameras

Small generator


Picnic Tables

Wood Benches

Camp Fire Coffee Pots

Cast Iron Griddles

Genesis Mission Youth Bows 12 or 20 lb. pull

3D archery targets

Paper plates, plastic utensils, paper towels, toilet paper, trash bags

Plastic tablecloths

Cleaning supplies Spray bottles, Bleach, vinegar, Dawn dish soap

48″ long light bulbs and “regular” light bulbs

Dish towels and Dish Cloths

Electric Griddle

Tick spray, sunscreen

52 Quart coolers, high quality, Igloo or comparable brands

Ponchos, flashlights, first-aid items

Bottled water

Locking Totes

Life Jackets

“Regular” Brooms and dust pans


Metal Trash Cans with Lids and Recycle Bins

Heavy Duty Hoses

Plastic or metal shelving

Quality Drills with Sturdy Bits

Chain Saws

Large Air Compressor

Straight Shaft Weed Eater

Weed Eater String

Sand for Arena

Pads for Defibrillators

Display Case for Native American Artifacts

Firestarter logs

Fishing hooks

Food Items



Hot Dogs

Pizza Sauce

Grated Mozzarella cheese and Cheddar cheese


Ground Sausage


Ground Turkey

Ground beef

Sausage patties


Sliced American Cheese



Nacho chips

Tortilla chips

Apple Juice


Watermelon and other fresh fruits

Waffle ice cream cones  – small

Mandarin oranges – fresh & canned

Peaches – fresh & canned

Pie fillings

Cream of chicken or celery soups


Taco Seasoning

Sour cream

Green Beans – canned

Corn – canned

Fresh veggies – Carrots, celery, etc. (whatever people have in the garden.)

Pudding mixes instant chocolate or vanilla

Chocolate chips


Hershey bars

Graham crackers

Ritz crackers




Ice Cream Salt

Craft Items

cardboard sheets (5″x7″ and up) – No Boxes Please
wooden match sticks (lit and extinguished) – For one of our most popular crafts!
1 1/4″ small head nails for string art
tall white socks or white bandanas
tie dye supplies – especially dye
large barrel clasp (for necklaces and bracelets)
Para chord – Also for one of our most popular crafts!
Para chord buckles
wood boards (approx. 8″ x 10″ – for string art)
picture hangers (for string art)
scotch tape
wooden skewers
safety glasses
battery operated tea lights
Plastic needles
craft glue
Tempera paint
Acrylic Paint
Items for rainy days – playdough, legos, art/craft kits, games, etc.